TVXQ's 12th Anniversary

Happy 12th Anniversary to my lovely TVXQ boys!! 💕💕💕💕💕

It's a day late, but that's because yesterday I didn't thought about making this post. Moreover, I was busy join the trending #12thTVXQJYJday 😘
Did you join too? 😊

Wow, they've reached 12th years as TVXQ (and JYJ), I can't believe time flies so fast. My first time celebrating their anniversary is their 9th years. That means this is my 4th times I celebrate this moment every years.
Funny is I become their fans officially at their 8th anniversary, that I still don't know it's their anniversary date. So I didn't celebrate their 8th years 😂

They're looks so clueless and young!

Flashback to my old years with DBSK, I remember I was very active in some DBSK forums, joining some quizes just to get reward that's free request picture. So funny. 😁
But that result I encounter my abroad friend, and since then I stopped joining any quizes and be an admin at my friend's page. Since the page is already gained so many fans, I felt loved by the fans there. And I'm really grateful to my friend, TNM (her initial name, she's my first intl friend, a beautiful Vietnamese nice girl) for trusting me to be her page's admin, I'll always remember you, hope we'll meet at person one day. 😙😙
Also, I remember to joining some giveaway, I've won 2 times, I received a JYJ lightstick from a new K-Pop online shop, and other times I got a TVXQ's chibi umbrella, I forgot where I got this, I think it's from my country's TVXQ's fanbase. It's very fun. 💞
Too bad at one chance to get Jaejoong's album, I only got nominated but didn't win. But that's okay, maybe I just unlucky that times.
But with all that moments I've got, I feels like I'm fated with TVXQ, like there's a connection between me and TVXQ.

I always loves their happy face, makes my heart warm.

Although they've debuted loooong at 2003, and I've known their names being called by my friends at around 2009, I just open my heart for them at 2011, that's because I hated anything about Korea before. That's all Cha Bonggun's fault! I watched the drama ads on TV called No Limit, and my curiousity keeps growing and I decided that will be my first and last Korean drama I would watch. After the drama ended, I searched and told to myself,"This will be my one and only Korean celebrity I would love and no more."
Search search search.. Since I didn't know anything about Korea, I thought that actor or actress use their own name in dramas. But I was wrong. And I just found out that Cha Bonggun is U-Know Yunho, the one that is always being called by my friends at school. I was really shock at that time. But I still keep thinking positive that Jung Yunho will always be my only Korean man I would idolize. Too bad I was wrong for the second time.

Cha Bonggun a.k.a. Jung Yunho my forever ultimate bias. His smile could kill every woman in this world. 💋

U-Know Yunho, as the leader of a Korean boyband group TVXQ, has other 4 handsome members that also took my heart. In my very honest opinion, TVXQ is the most easiest to be distinguished each member. Maybe because they have their unique hairstyle in Mirotic but no, they have their own quality in their own frames. Their face, their body, is unique yet awesome. I've tried to like other boyband but I can't ever like them as I loves my TVXQ boys. In addition, their faces looks so similar! I can't even remember who is who. It's really different goes with TVXQ, I even can tell who is who effortlessly without wasting so many times to watch or remembering their own faces. I'm sorry if I sounded bias, but that's my true opinion.
The second member that I notice very much at that time is Junsu, he always dance very high-spirited that I can't leave my eyes to other members, but Yunho always caught my eyes. That's when I finally broke my own vow to only love 1 Korean man, I fell for Junsu's spell besides Yunho.

Mirotic, their one of some their successful albums, this album is the most successful that passed over 500,000 copies sold, also my first time to know TVXQ as a group by watching this MV.

Kim Jaejoong, was the less attractive member to me, maybe because the first time I saw him was him at TRI-ANGLE's era, his hair is, indescribable. I wondered why a person like him can be a visual on TVXQ.
Then I realize something, I also heard many Cassies love YunJae. What is YunJae? Even my friend like it too. So I search for it. Oh yeah, because TVXQ splitted at 2009, I can't imagine how close Yunho and Jaejoong were. I knew them as TVXQ2 and JYJ3. So that's why I always wondering what's with YunJae, there's nothing. I watched some old videos, I know how Jaejoong was so close with Changmin, and the same for Yunho with Junsu and Yoochun, but I never saw Yunho and Jaejoong being so close. That makes me curious and when I found some fun facts of YunJae, I feel more curious. Were they really that close before? Why can't I imagine that in my head? I'm not a same gender love supporter, nor against at it, but I'm new at it, so it was a bit weird at that time, and I think that's the reason behind it.
So many photoshopped pictures of YunJae that concludes they're really popular, YooSu even doesn't that popular even though they are still in the same group until now.
I don't know when and how I finally being a YunJae shipper, as my notes say, I started to love YunJae and be a Cassiopeia at 26 December 2011. Why at the same time? 😂😂😂 I'm still curious what things that makes me a YunJae shipper so suddenly, Jaejoong is the last member I thought of! Even Yoochun and Changmin were above him before! Then Jae casually took the #2 rank so fast (because Yunho will forever my #1 😁)

YunJae, the ultimate pairing in TVXQ and also in K-Pop, Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong. Their supporter proudly called themselves YunJae shipper. The most real pairing than any other pairings that makes them really popular, even Korean oldies knows them!

That day comes. What day?
One of TVXQ's member is finally comes to my country! Xiah Junsu! I'm really excited! But I didn't prepare anything, the ticket price is killing me, I've ever ask my friend who is Junsu bias to watch together, there're promo buy 1 get 1 with credit card, but I didn't have, neither my friend. Impossible to me if I ask my dad's although I'll pay back with my own money, so me and my friend ended up didn't watch him *cry a Han river*

The great dancer plus singer in one person, Kim Junsu. Not to mention he's very handsome. Looks cool on the outside but on the inside... He is very cute and pure like an angel. He often called angel Xiah / Chunsa Xiah, sometimes duckbutt kkkkk~

A few months later, another good news come, this time, my bias is coming! Actually it's SMtown World Tour, and both Yunho and Changmin is confirmed to come. I can't waste this opportunity, even if I only can watch it from tribune, I want to see my boys closer, in one place. Too bad, this time, even with my own money, my dad didn't permit me to go. I'm so sad, of course. I only can watch them in my TV, it's a presscon before the concert start, and each group represented by only one person, except TVXQ, maybe because they're only two people, though on the positive side means TVXQ is highly regarded. :D
Two times TVXQ comes and I never watch their concert, what a waste opportunity! >_<
They come at the "right" time, that is when I already being their fans, because they're never come to my country before. But maybe I was not destined to meet them right then. I could accept it.

Yunho & Changmin who chose to keep TVXQ's name alive.

A year later, there's come again. News about Jaejoong comes to my country. This time I really went there. *happy* *happy*
I almost did not go because I think there's no friend to go with but at D-Day my friend texted me asked if I want to go there because any seat would get high-five with Jaejoong. What?! I mean What?! For real? I awoke really late that day because I didn't thought of going there. I immediately rush to prepare to go there. I shouldn't waste this opportunity again right? So, with some white lies to my mom (my dad already go to work), I go to where Jaejoong's concert take place.
Long short story, I got high-five for real. Finally, I even didn't dream to get so close with Jaejoong. Only seeing him at tribune or festival is enough, and I got more than I wished. My country's Cassiopeia were really lucky to get high-five. :)))
Although I always say "My Country", I believe you already know which country I live, because the free high-five to all fans only got here. (No! I'm not bragging myself! Please don't think that way! Because it's noticeable I swear! >_<)

Kim Jaejoong, he is a mother type in the group. He can cook some delicious food for his members and very fond of cleanliness. Although born as a man, deep inside he is very pure and soft hearted. Often mistaken as a girl because of his beautiful (gorgeous) face. No wonder he is the visual.

My friends loves to bully me by insulting my Yoochun-ie, although it's only joking but I dislike it if they always keep talking that Yoochun is not as handsome as the other four members. In my eyes, they're all the same. They said Junsu is more mature, even Changmin who is the maknae. Are you serious? You just haven't got a chance to see the real Junsu then. *smirk*. Since then, I become more concerned with Yoochun. Is he really not worth to be TVXQ in their eyes? I search so many pictures of him to prove them that Yoochun is also as handsome as the other four, but still they can't accept it. So I just let them be, because I know Yoochun is very precious in TVXQ life. And maybe that makes him my #3. ^^

Park Yoochun, the mood maker, always make funny face called Chunface, it is funny tho! He is the best rapper of the group along with Yunho, but Yunho couldn't beat Yoochun's English that Junsu and Changmin admire.

Changmin is the only one who has the same religion with me. *^^*
He is the only one who is Buddhist while the rest are Christian, although Jaejoong was an atheist before.
As a Buddhism, why is he the most feared by the members. kkkkk~
I know it's not related with religions, it's just funny, Buddhist is famous for peace, and he loves being so (mean) cute to his hyungs. Ah~ I think I don't have any personal comment with Changmin because he is very silent haha! jk.
Other than that, remember how Changmin defend Jaejoong for not being kicked out from TVXQ?
It's not easy for a boy to be that brave. I believe that's one of the reason why Jaejoong is very close to Changmin and always praise him like his own son.

Although being the youngest, he is the most mature in TVXQ. He is the one who can hit the highest note amongs the members. Also, he is the one who gives us a very beautiful name we are proud of, Cassiopeia.

I remember when I reach my peak moment of being a TVXQ fans, I think that's around 2012-2013.
Around 2012, I almost chose to be a TVXQ2 only fans. I feel bored because JYJ rarely release a group album while TVXQ still stick with their schedule, like an album per year, some Japanese singles and album too. But YunJae avoids me to do that. Then around 2013 I changed my mind. Maybe I read some stans posts that almost got into me to be a JYJ only fans. But again, YunJae keeps me stay. Although that moment, the urge to be a JYJ only fans is really strong because all of them have twitter account so we can talk to them even though they do not reply to, but somehow it feels like we really could communicate with them.

JYJ stands for Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. Using their initial names as their group name because in their heart they are still TVXQ.

Until when I read some Cassies posts on Facebook Group (World Bigeast Cassiopeia) I realize that TVXQ as five is very precious to leave, the memories the five of them had created can never be erase by anything. And gladly I never regret for being a fully Cassiopeia, support them individually, as current groups, and as completely five members.
TVXQ is like a home sweet home for all of us, for Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, and of course Cassiopeia.

TVXQ family. It feels complete if they are together as five.

TVXQ as a band. Very cool isn't it? :D


Bolero. The song you should hear to know how astounding they are. I can't even distinguish the difference between their voice in the mp3 and their live singing. IMHO their voice even better on live performance.

One. This is also shows how amazing their voices are. They had not even reached 2 years since debuted (this performance is 1 day before their 2nd anniversary) and already sings this beautiful.

Purple Line. You should see how energetic their dances can be. This song also make them be at 1st place in Oricon Chart (Japanese music industry standard singles popularity chart) for the first time as a foreign artist.

Last but not least,

Always Keep The Faith


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